Krzysztof Renes

Sculptor based in Warsaw. He belongs to the third generation of a family of sculptors and craftsmen. He implements and develops his own techniques, uses the solutions of modern industry, confronting it with the traditional language of sculpture. He explores two-dimensional space in sculpture where flat and three-dimensional sketch, drawing and sculpture are identical, 2D = 3D. Through his work, he looks for features of culture that reflects its origins and its boundaries in the technological and cultural dimension. These considerations are particularly visible in the Universale cycle. Nevertheless, all his works are always a form of dualism, operating on the border of figure and abstraction, tradition and modernity, culture and nature. And although almost all works refer to the image of a human being, for the author, his art is not only a figurative one. The transformed body is here a carrier of content, symbols or emotions - a sign in space. 
He cooperates commercially with the sports market and business, creating awards and statuettes for elite events such as the Forbes 50 Most Influential People in Polish Sport or founded by Starak Foundation film competition called Imagine Yourself.
He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Sculpture (2015) and Sociology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (2009). Universale diploma was presented during the exhibition of the best diplomas of AoFA Coming Out (2015). 

Selected achievements:  
2022, winner of the Art in Architecture Festival (HOME category), Poland
2022, President's Cup for the 2023 IHF Men's World Championships
2022, The Imagine Yourself trophy for the film competition founded by Starak Foundation,
2022, Women’s Polish Cup for Polish Football Federation
2020, The Researcher's Statue for ORLEN Research and Development Center, Płock
2019, Champions League Trophy in Amp-football 
2019, The Forbes Awards for the Most Influential People in Polish Sport
2015, Krzysztof Klenczon's plaque in the amphitheater in Pułtusk
2013, The European Forum for New Ideas - EFNI Awards for Lech Walesa 
2013,  Co-founder of the Perseidalia, the Festival of Art and Science 
2012, Honored in the International Sports and Art Competition for the Cyclista sculpture
2012, Future Now ranking - one hundred most interesting contemporary artists according 
to Aesthetica Art Prize 
2012, Initiator and organizer of the academic project Boundries of Sculpture

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